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Our Services

Design & Drafting
Tier 1 Engineering has a strong background in mechanical design and drafting with expertise in a variety of 2D and 3D CAD systems. We specialize in the design of lightweight composite structures and are skilled in developing simple and cost effective parts and assemblies.

Analysis & Simulation
Our engineers have experience in both composite and metallic structures analysis. We use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to aid in the design process. FEA is combined with classical hand analysis and supporting test data to ensure structural integrity.

Composite Fabrication
We use a variety of composite thermoset and thermoplastic materials for prototype fabrication.  For thermoset materials, we prefer fabrication techniques using low-temperature composites which allow inexpensive and simple tooling. When requirements demand, we have the capability to use higher temperature materials with 350°F cure and 400°F service temperatures. We also offer compression molding of reinforced plastics such as PEI and PPS for higher volume production parts.

Composite Material Cutting & Ply Kitting
Our computer-controlled cutting systems can convert a wide range of thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials. We nest the ply shapes to maximize the material yield, precision cut, label and bag for a consistent kit assembly.

We maintain a range of test fixtures for testing composite materials to ASTM, MIL, and SACMA standards. These tests are used to determine material properties and validate part design.

We produce all types of technical documentation including component maintenance manuals, structural repair manuals, illustrated parts catalogs, and other aircraft documentation.

Research & Development
R & D is a core part of our business. Much effort is currently being placed toward developing new manufacturing techniques for composite thermoplastics which offer recyclability, re-mold capabilities, and high impact resistance.

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Capabilities and Expertise

Composite Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Design of composite parts and tooling
  • Analysis of laminate strength, failure modes, layup optimization
  • Composite manufacturing using thermoset and thermoplastic material systems
  • Composite material cutting and kitting
  • Testing and certification of composite parts, materials and processes

CAD Modeling / Layout Design

  • CAD Migration, Drawing Conversion
  • 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Digital Mockups
  • Components and mechanisms
  • Tooling and ground support equipment design
  • Trade studies to evaluate cost, weight and technical risks
  • Form-Fit-Function evaluation

Classical Structural Analysis

  • Static hand calculations
  • Life Analysis - Fatigue, Crack Growth, and Damage Tolerance
  • Aircraft repair and aging aircraft design

Finite Element Analysis

  • Statics - Geometric and Material Nonlinearity, Contact Properties, Composites
  • Dynamics – Modal, Harmonic, Transient, PSD Random Vibration
  • Thermal analysis – Steady state and transient
  • Buckling – Linear and non-linear
  • Shape Optimization
  • Bird Strike, Crash simulation, Impact events

Loads & Analysis

  • Load case assessment
  • Loads development from wind tunnel and/or CFD data sources
  • Classical prediction tools (2D & 3D panel methods)
  • Euler and Navier-Stokes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) prediction tools
  • One-equation, two equation and LES turbulence modelling methods
  • Outer mold line effects on vehicle performance

Testing Services

  • Planning and design to certify materials, processes and components

Technical Media

  • Test instructions/reports
  • Certification reports/analysis
  • Service bulletins/temporary revisions
  • Illustrated parts catalogs
  • Overhaul and operation manuals
  • Component/Aircraft maintenance manuals
  • Training and Safety manuals
  • Structural repair, wiring diagram and tooling manuals

Software Competencies

  • CATIA V5
  • LS / DYNA